Training - Non-CPS


SAIT offers the following three courses during the winter and spring. Check the link below for availability and registration

Click here to go the the SAIT web site for more info.

Electrical Fundamentals

ELEC- 146Click here to register

Concerned about getting stuck in the middle of the ocean with no wind, no battery power and an engine that won't start? This course is for you! Get a basic understanding of electrical principles that will help prevent such calamities. Electrical Fundamentals answers questions such as, "What is electricity and why don't my lights work?" You will solve electrical problems using Ohm's Law and will investigate the operation of automotive-style batteries, generators and starting systems.  

Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance

ENGN- 115 Click here to register

This course will give you a basic understanding of the diesel engines for marine applications and is designed to help you be better able to troubleshoot, bleed fuel systems and repair minor functions of a marine diesel engine. This course will require some time spent at home reading and doing assignments so you will have more time to work on shop engines. 

Ham Radio / Single Side Band


"Calgary Amateur Radio Association"

Are you planning to do blue water sailing beyond the reach of VHF stations and cellular?  Are you looking for a way to do unlimited talk without paying for pricey global satellite telephone services?  Check out their Basic Amateur Radio Course.

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