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Organizations Publications / Web / Notices

Animated Knots by Grog

Canadian Hydrographic Service

Canadian Hydrographic Service - Tides and Currents Tables

Cold Water Boot Camp

CPS Boating Tips Videos on YouTube

Magnetic Declination Calculator

Nautical Calculators

Navigation Course

NOAA Marine Forecasts

NOAA National Data Buoy Centre

Weather Buoy

Colregs PowerPoint Presentation Online

American Practical Navigator - Nathaniel Bowditch

Canadian Yachting Magazine

Cruising World Magazine

Definitions and Mnemonics for Sailors and Powerboaters

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Industry Canada - Syllabus for the Restricted Operator’s
Certificate - Maritime Commercial

Jimmy Cornell's books

Noon Site - The Global Site for Cruising Sailors

Pacific Yachting Magazine

Power Boating Magazine

Transport Canada - Marine menu

Transport Canada - Cardinal Buoys & Special Buoys

Transport Canada - Lateral Buoys & Standard Daybeacons

Transport Canada - List of Certificates of Competency, Training Certificates and other Equivalencies as Proof of Competency when Operating a Pleasure Craft

Transport Canada - Notices to Mariners

Transport Canada - Pre-Departure Checklist

Transport Canada - Ship Safety Bulletins

Transport Canada - Safe Boating Guide

Transport Canada - Sea Kayaking Safety Guide

Transport Canada - All Marine Publications


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